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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Q Clock Is Getting Ridicules. [with P. S.]

This Saturday evening it now says:

y2k3: 6D to 7D upgrade

en route

Only god knows what dimension it will be when the clock ends at midnight EST Sunday night.

No human knows what the different dimensions are like as it is all just guessing what we can’t imagine.

The dimensions of evolution above our current 3 Dimensional level are just imaginary levels. No human can tell you what to expect from level to level you advance to. We cannot even imagine what is there.

Therefore, for the Q Clock to tell us to what degree we will end up on is simply conjecture in my book. I wish they had not gone there even if they had someones that was from the 8th level and could see with understanding where we are going.

Personally I know we are going to evolve. I have seen a couple of the characteristics that await us. But no one in this 3rd dimension can describe the 4th dimensional world much less the 7th dimension. The messages they are putting out now conveys no information at all.

P.S. Now we are being upgraded to the 9th Dimension.

I think that is where we all walk into heaven while having multiple orgasms as we pass through the gate. How embarrassing.

I hope god isn't using facial recognition software.

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