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Jim’s Daily Rant. The New “Family” Banker. Part I

If you do an Internet search for “Family Banking or Infinite Banking” you will find a lot of YouTubes selling you the knowledge and assistance in starting one. It is more a Financial Advisors service for estate planning utilizing sale of insurance policies as the money makers for the advisor. The hook is to have you create a Trust Fund. I am not saying that this is a good product or not. It is simply a product that will work for some persons. But lets look at an upcoming problem that is foreseeable in 2023 if the banks collapse and the White Hats win WWIII and Silver Stackers, the people that saw it coming, become wealthy in 2023.

The new wealthy might also be older U.S. citizens becoming wealthy from possible repatriations paid to them by the government. But as such, we are talking about newly rich persons with no real plans for the wealth.

Next we have to assume that anyone now looking at Family Banking realizes that IRS is either dead or dying so tax laws may no longer guide our actions regarding our new wealth taxation, including inheritance taxes. So with this assumption we needn’t be desperate for tax free life insurance policies.

We are now stripped down to how can we help family with our unused wealth without just giving it away? How can we make certain they are using the funds wisely and we aren’t ruining their lives with it? How can we make sure we can leave the funds for whoever we choose to leave it with? How can we simplify our lives with all this new wealth?

This Is How To Accomplish All Of Your Wishes Simply.

First you don’t have to incorporate, create a Trust Fund or decide who gets what. You just stay you.

Secondly you have to get comfortable with:

Contracts, as you might use a few;

Promissory Notes (with no collateral);

Chattel Mortgages (with things as collateral);

Real Estate Mortgages;

(Relax, all the above are just forms).

Thirdly you have to learn to say “You need a co-signer”.

The fourth step is easy because you don’t need to do it. That is to learn to order a Credit Report. There, you have just solved your dilemma of being newly rich and your now large family knows it.

There is no need to change your will yet. It stays the same, your spouse gets it all if you die. You will continue to operate under a will.

Once you have gotten this far you need to learn how to perfect all the above documents by recording them at the appropriate Court House. You may also have to watch a seminar on Secured Transactions.

Congratulations, you have reached your goal unless you also want to be able to sleep at nights. In that case you will need to cheat just a little. If you don’t want to have to repossess something from your nephew, then require:

His parents are co-signers on the loan.

He gives you a key to the car, a power of attorney to do the title work; a signed Hold Harmless by him so he can’t sue you for taking his car; and an article of clothing for the blood hounds.

A signed Quit Claim Deed 9unfiled) on the real estate giving it back to you so you don’t have to formally repossess it, if necessary.

This way you can easily fix your problem and put it back on his parents to decide what to do. After all, this is family.

This is not a Family Bank, it is a simple way of doing business with family to help them without getting brutalized by them if you don’t wish to be brutalized.

Final Note: You can learn these forms and do it yourself or you can learn these forms and rely on an attorney and possibly a CPA to help you make valid business decisions. This will be the subject of Part II: The Business Goal.

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