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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Never Ending Story Elevator Speech.

Updated: Jul 10

My sister Jane is in town from Connecticut this week as she does several times per year. They have a condo on Pensacola Beach, an island several miles long on the Gulf of Mexico. They always come this week as the Blue Angels do a show over her condo. She is a year younger than me.

I never mentioned this but my parents had nine of us hellions. For some reason they named us all with first names beginning with “J’s”: Judy, Jenny, Jacky, John, Jim, Jane, Joyce, Jean and Janet.

Now you would think a large family all sharing the first letter of their name would be able to communicate. But like so many families we can’t. Oh, we talk but it is never about anything with the exception of things. We never talk about life or worst yet, our individual lives. It just seems to be an unspoken rule.

God smiled on me this week by giving the Blue Angels. They practice every day over the venue place then give the full air-show Saturday and Sunday. It takes two hours to get on the island and two to get off. That alone is four hours without pissing. That doesn’t count the time waiting to get another cold one. I usually miss most of the two hour air show because I am looking down to see if I have wet my shoes.


The past few years it has been difficult to visit most of them because I am only allowed to discuss the Collapse with one of them, Judy. I feel terribly guilty because I know what is happening and I can’t tell them; they couldn’t and wouldn’t hear me. They just see me as odd and out of step with the world, I suppose.

About two or three times a year I will send them one of my Rants hoping to warn them. I never hear back from them. I am sure you know what I mean.


If we were able to squeeze all of our butts on one elevator, this would be my elevator speech.

I apologize to you for possibly causing fear in your lives with my emails occasionally. I realize you don’t know what I know. I would feel terrible if something terrible happened to your family because I am unable to warn you.

But you need to know that there are evil controllers of the world that intend to kill your entire family. They have been working diligently towards this in earnest for decades with that plan going back hundreds of years. Their plan is to be done with us in just a couple of years.

You cannot escape this global war ongoing now but you can mitigate the harm and suffering to your family until we win this war for the planet. They have been concealing this war for years but now it should becoming apparent to you.

It is time you engage your mind into this attack on your family and step up to protect them.

I remind you of the 1984 childish movie The NeverEnding Story. Each time I have warned you those warnings appeared to you to have been fruitless, in your eyes. But like in The NeverEnding Story, each time a warning was given a giant piece of your world just ended forever and you didn't notice it.

Now if you take a real look behind you, most of your history has ended, never to return again. They are destroying all you know about life and then will dump you in a desert.

Please wake up and engage!

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1 comentario

Miembro desconocido
09 jul

Excellent being a good brother, and exercising restraint while periodically passing them a warning. You have planted seeds that will sprout in due time, we all awaken differently and at varying times. Worst case, they have to repeat the incarnation cycle to learn to use their brain properly, no big deal, each of us 'pieces of God' have done that countless times.

Me gusta
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