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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Money Clip Released With The J6 Tapes.

Yesterday Speaker of The House Johnson released the 40,000 hours of J6 Surveillance tapes, kinda, to the public. They are redacted and will come out in waves. Johnson says this was done to give us in the government and transparency.

I really don’t understand what this means. I grew up knowing that if you are pregnant you are pregnant. It doesn’t happen in waves. I was always ever watchful of those life altering words. But then again I am old fashioned.

When I first saw the news I ran for my roots, the calculator. For two persons to review them together, one just watching and not rewinding for another look, and the second person typing dictated review notes, it would take them 21 years, at 40 hour work weeks together. And that’s just to index them. Of course you could speed them up cutting the time down to perhaps 7 years.

So was this release done by the White Hats, you might ask? I don’t think so because I see a money clip with the tapes. Allow me to explain

I learned that if you are going to be on the streets in a rough area to invest in a cheap money clip. Take a wad of ones, wrap them in a twenty and clip them. Put the cash in a pocket different from your normal money pocket. If you get mugged, just say “OK” and throw the clip down a little behind the mugger. As he bends to pick it up, haul ass. It’s a cheap money and life saver.

I see the tapes as a money clip, designed to buy time and distract us from the true transparency that our trusted government is still trying to poison us.

They threw down the money clip but it’s time for us to haul ass!

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