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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Great Raid.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The above 2005 movie is based on a true story of a small US 250 man force ordered to rescue 500 POWs held by the Japanese towards the end of WWII. A young Captain had 24 hours to plan the raid into an area of 30,000 Japanese troops.

Their plan and execution of it was so perfect that I understand it is now taught at War College today.

One of the opening steps in the rescue was to get the troops right up to the fence-line in the afternoon without being noticed by the guards.

The next major step was for all tower guards and sentrys to be taken out at the same opening moment. Without this protecting leadership, the troops were then able to move into the compound.

I am sharing this with you because I see the setup occurring right now with the White Hats. What if it is true that most of the CABAL leadership has been taken out with substitute actors put in their place? This way all mid level CABAL members are still operating as usual. Soon they too may be taken out or simply stranded without future power, isolated and concerned for their life.

I still believe that everything is now lined up for their system to be taken down. To me the last step is the bankers take down. I believe we are very, very close for that.

Today Ben Fulford stated:

This is now coming out in public. Brian Moynihan, the Chairman of Bank of America told CNN: “We have to be prepared for [a US sovereign debt default]” Link

BOA is one of the top shareholders of the Federal Reserve Board and its’ US Corporation subsidiary so, he has inside knowledge.

Another group of insiders, the Rothschild family, also made a move by delisting Rothschild & Co. “This was a compromise to keep what is occurring within The Family a private matter. There is serious reconstruction taking place and it is being overseen by the white hat alliance. It looks like a mutual agreement has been reached,” a Mossad source says. He notes “the Rothschilds said in their press release that Macron is ‘their boy.’” Link

An objective look at the facts, however, shows that what is really happening is that the Rothschilds are bankrupt and facing lynch mobs. The entire nation of France is in open revolt with demonstrations in over 300 locations after their puppet Macron announced he was stealing people’s pensions.”

I have always said the U. S. banks will begin to fall over a three day bank holiday weekend. We will have one this weekend with President’s Day on Monday the 20th. But let me remind you that the experts say the bank closures will begin in Europe a few weeks before coming to America. With all the bragging about the leaders being taken out now, you never know. Be vigilant for this weekend anyway.

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