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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Glass Has Been Broken – We are Beginning To Evolve To Our Higher Being Selves.

This Rant will set you up to compare and contrast two posts yesterday to each other:

And Clif High - Damn space aliens...the social order has alien cooties.     


The glass has been broken before by Clif High in discussing our woo-woo side but until now never mentioned by SGAnon. But today SG has mentioned our higher spiritual side.

I suggest you re-listen to SGAnon paying special attention to the 4 Minutes beginning at the 40 minute mark where he discusses the corruption of our DNA.

Then jump ahead and listen to the 3 minutes beginning at the 71 minute mark discussing our higher spiritual being apparatus.

After SGAnon, listen to all of Clif High’s podcast above.


This Rant was very hard for me to begin writing because I know how difficult and possibly upsetting the subject matter will be to some. When we begin to discuss it we immediately encounter the inserted impediment Mother Culture gave us as seven year olds – that any thoughts about it not given to us by our teachers are inherently evil. This holds true of foreigners or those of other religions. We were taught to immediately shut down as those others can be the Devil in disguise; the highest Bogyman.

SGAnon hints at us being higher spiritual beings that have been tampered with [perhaps to forget who we really are and how powerful we are]. Clif warns us that we are now at the point that we must examine our religious history in order to determine our own religious beliefs about who we are.

I wish you the best in opening your minds to examination of puzzles, riddles, truth, confusion and discovering who you are on this life journey. I for one am glad the glass has been broken. This time has been long overdue for-sin free open discussions and introspection. Like it or not, we all will have to go through this to get to where humanity is evolving to.

Hint: Many will still hold their original beliefs, but with some adjustments.


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2 commentaires

22 déc. 2023
22 déc. 2023
En réponse à

Combine the techniques above with Jesus' prayer.

So the Lord's prayer right?

Our Father,

Who art in Heaven..

Was translated from Aramaic into Greek, then Latin, then into all other languages. Definitely something lost in translation, and of course, it's deliberate.

But a direct translation from Aramaic into English renders considerable differences.

Here it is...

A Cosmic Birth of all Radiance and Vibration,

Soften the ground of our being,

Carve out a space within us, that Your Presence may abide.

Fill us with your Creativity, that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of Thy Mission,

and let our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.

Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what others need…

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