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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Gallstones Murderer.

I read an encyclopedia article about a gent in the early 1900s that was a serial killer who disposed of the evidence by placing the bodies in barrels of acid. He was caught when investigators discovered human gallstones in his basement. Source

This morning I read another horrible article about MNRA Covid VAX being put into the meat we eat. I personally don’t believe a word of it. I believe it to be a scare tactic to screw with our minds. When stressed humans don’t seem to think rationally at times. Also, eating meat may be another means to divide society so we can’t come together and kill the Elites until we know it all, which will only take a few more years.

Then let’s consider Occam's Razor principle of the simplest explanation being the correct one.

If the VAX had to go directly into the blood stream, might that be for a reason? Perhaps to bypass all that acid in the stomach that can eat fish bones? If the VAX can go into our food why not into a can of corn? Perhaps too much salt as a preservative, you may say. If salt can kill it why not acid?

Even a killer who used large crocks to destroy whole bodies would call this a big crock o' shit.

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