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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Future Of The Fulton County District Attorney, Et Al. [with P.S.]

This is what I see for the future of the main players in the trial of Trump and his 17 friends in play in Georgia, for racketeering charges for saying the 2020 election was stolen.

The Players:

Fani Willis, the DA, is in the center of the spotlight, the main player. By nature, she is a strong leader who must be in charge. This is in contrast to her new lover, her newly appointed Prosecutor, Nathan Wade, who I feel is a follower.

I know nothing about the Georgia Attorney General, Fani’s boss, other than he is owned by the Deep State and paid to cover-up the election steal in his state.

Wades current wife is unknown to me, other than she was served divorce papers a few days before her inexperienced prosecutor husband took his job under Willis. I also know that she now has a smart attorney who smells money for his client. It doesn’t matter if she is pissed or not; the game is on.

Since shit flows downhill, lets look at it from that angle.

State Attorney General:  

Since he is owned by the Deep State, his only job is to protect the Georgian’s who stole the election and the small task of stopping Trump at any cost. All of this must be done for him to stay alive, politically or biological.

In a normal world he can see that neither Fani or Wade are up to the task now that their clothes are on fire. Anyone who has experienced divorce knows that for at least a year your game is off as you can’t focus.


But the Attorney General is not in a normal world now, he is in a death situation for himself. Therefore, he must terminate Fani immediately and quietly let the blade later fall on Wade as he is removed from the Trump case and is reassigned temporarily prior to his leaving.

Fani Willis:

Her career is over and she knows it. The only way she can remain in her job is to violate the law so much in order to get Trump that she will be disbarred after the deed is done. At the same time, she will be pressured to fire Wade.

Nathan Wade:

He realizes he is trapped between third base and Home. He can’t win. If he makes it to home he has a hellova Alimony payment based on Fani keeping her job. If he quits he loses Fani and his income, with the judge will probably punish him by stating Nathan initially hid that income from the court, and now Nathan is deliberately walking away form the money to spite his current wife. His cloths are on fire in the from and rear at the same time! He is well cooked for life and will be depressed and lost for years.

Current Mrs. Wade:

She will suffer more than most jilted spouses because of the notoriety but will fare well in the beginning financially. They have been married the required 20 years for her attorney to go for temporary or long term alimon[e]y, based on Hubby’s current earnings. But later his earning will decline from his depressing situations.

The Love Birds

They will immediately split. Just as a few twigs are touched by a match to build a roaring fire, those twigs cannot survive an immediate strong wind. Neither can true love survive this onslaught.

They are being priced out by realizing they have to pay everything they have to make the fire roar. They aren’t prepared to do so.

With the weight of their impending losses and depression setting in, they have no future together. Otherwise their honeymoon would be like them both sporting chastity belts on the cruise. Why bother?

Trump Et Al:

I still say they will have all charges dismissed, with prejudice.

My Final Prediction:

   Like all fodder, Fani, Nathan and the Attorney General will soon be garbage in the waste bin of History.

P.S. What is happening in Fulton County is indicative of what is happening to the CABAL now as well. It is in panic. 

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