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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. The Formal Reveal Of The DEW Weapons To The Public. [Correct Link]

I don’t Believe in coincidences; things happen for a reason. That is why I feel today is the formal reveal day.

These two podcasts, 5 minutes each, were po about an hour before midnight last night. Both appear to be the work of Alex Jones and company.

Yesterday at noon this 60 minute video posted:

   If you have an hour to spare it is well worth it.

This is my bottom line. I feel it is definitely time that we explore our history and how it was used by others to lord over us. In regards to Antarctica I believe ancient technology was discovered there that took a long time to learn and reactivate. It is being used on the world today.

This is a major planned reveal to the masses to unite us against the Elite.

I wouldn't be surprised if this technology is used on the New York Courthouse when Trump's trial begins on March 25th!

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