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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Final Word On Clif’s No Seed Oil Diet Plan.

Yesterday I lost another pound on Clif High’s No-Seed Oil Diet but I am afraid to tell my wife about the loss. You see, I looked in the mirror and it was where that cute little dimple was that she liked. On those very very rare occasions she had to kiss my butt, for some reason she favored that spot. Oh well, her loss. But honestly, she has been most supportive of my diet after I became able to bend down and wipe the floor after I missed the toilet. So see, she really does love me!

What amazes me about the diet is I am eating well with no cravings. In fact, yesterday I ate like a starving Clydesdale. I am excited because I am looking past the Collapse and Reset and am now taking back responsibility for my body. I am getting rid of all the poisons the Elite have pumped into me over the years. I am already feeling much better.

It took me a few weeks to test Clif’s diet plan and experiment with it for the best results. Because Clif was never on it himself he left out details he did not know from experience. So I experimented and last week I used all the new procedures I feel were needed for the complete diet plan, with its PDF below. Last week I lost an average of ½ pound per day.

P. S. Sorry about the attached picture. I couldn’t find a picture of the cute little dimple I once had.

Updated PDF after Jeff's corrections:

Recap of Clif's Diet
Download PDF • 42KB

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