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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Equator Is Moving. The U.S. May Be A Desert In 18 Months!

Yesterday afternoon I just had to get quiet so I took a quick nap. In a dream I saw my childhood wooden rocking horse. My uncle made it for us kids. Instead of a rocker, it was mounted on four springs. It would dive down then jerk back, only to repeat itself forever.

I loved it dearly but as in all life, I grew out of it and moved on things that I didn’t know were ahead.


After I woke up I saw this posting from BPEarthwatch, Critical Update. The Tilt of The Planet has Increased Rapidly. Major Changes Coming.  He states that he and his buddies theorize that the Equator could move as high up as Alabama, in about 18 months. This would turn the United States into a desert. WOW, that’s a heavy dose!


Earthlings are sun creatures. We get all of our life energy from our sun, including vibrations and food energy.

You would think as sun creatures we would be as happy as pigs in shit to know we would soon be in the spotlight of all life energy, wouldn’t you? Yet we are terrorized of images of the 1920’s dust bowl, lack of water, no green plants, right?

That is because we have forgotten who we really are. We have forgotten that we are now evolving from under the control of the Elohim, thus evolving to a higher state of being.

Soon we will inherit all the hidden skills we have forgotten, all of the technological advances of hundreds of years that were hidden from us. We are going to a new world most of us can’t see yet.

We have nothing to fear.


If BPEarthWatch is correct remember that we will quickly have free energy. With it we can create greenhouses that can be shaded as needed, temperatures controlled, water raised from deep earth, all free.

But that rocking horse reminded me that the Earth has always wobbled on its axis, but over longer periods of time. I feel that right now the sun will mainly be flaring up excessively for six more months. Like that rocking horse, it will reverse direction in six months and wobble back.

Folks, like our childhood, we will be leaving a lot behind us soon, towards new things we will love.

P.S. That BPEartwatch podcast was published nine days ago; I missed it somehow.

I found it yesterday as a fluke. I instantly recognized it from my rocking horse dream.

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