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Jim’s Daily Rant: The Condensed Version of the State Of The Nation Article Hidden From Us.


The article is very long and reads like an well documented book would. I realize some readers are not into reading long articles so I pulled out the guts of it from the middle. I am still just now reading the article.

I found it late last night but my eyes were too tired to look at it then. As a safety protection, I downloaded the article for safe keeping. That file is posted at the bottom of this Rant.

Three Consecutive Paragraphs from the middle of the article:

“It’s worth a look at that ties running deep between Silicon Valley Bank, Israel’s largest bank Leumi Bank, America’s largest bank JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Germany’s largest Deutsche Bank and the worldwide Epstein-Maxwell child sex trafficking blackmail operation.

Many Israeli startup companies have been financed by SVB as well as Leumi Bank. Both of these are among a number of banks issued subpoenas by US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George for their money laundering connections to the Jeffrey Epstein-Guislaine Maxwell operation, sponsored and funded by both Israeli intelligence and Zionist billionaire Les Wexner, co-founding member of the Zionist Mega Group, a nefarious Jewish billionaire boys club that includes such pedo-Clinton-linked luminaries as the late Edgar Bronfman, whose daughter Claire Bronfman is currently in prison for racketeering in the NXIVM sex cult scandal involving child sex trafficking, accused pedophile Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and Estee Lauder son and heir Ronald Lauder suspected as former Austrian US ambassador to have arranged Jeffrey Epstein’s fake Austrian passport.

Incidentally, other globalist alleged SVB customers that lost money include high-profile celebrities Oprah Winfrey and royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. Oprah and the royals share best friends with famous pedophiles like Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein, Guislaine Maxwell and John of God – the first two the most infamous deceased pedophiles in the UK and US history, the latter two both presently incarcerated for child sex rape and trafficking crimes. No doubt he royals and Oprah got their money out in time.”

P .S. I am unable to attach the original HTML article file. However if anyone needs it I can email it.

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