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Jim’s Daily Rant. The CABAL Is Stealing Third Base!

There are many of us terrified at what we are seeing. The banks are collapsing and so too may be the economy! My god this is frightening! We are now bailing out billionaires who are giving themselves sweetheart deals. Insider trading was used as they knew beforehand!

They all need to be arrested. We need to raise up and kill them! We need to stop it now and do something now at this moment!

It is easy for humans to scare ourselves, isn’t it? Especially when we believe we are losing it all, going to lose the game of life, allowing them to get the best of us. There we go again, getting our ego into it.

So what if we lose. What will happen? Someday we will die, that is what. Isn’t that the same that will happen if we win the game? So what’s the big deal? I have to believe it’s our ego.

I recall reading a book on business written by a big business leader towards the end of his life. It was his philosophy on winning in business, all of his tricks and advice. I eagerly devoured every word of it as business was my passion, knowing the rules. One of the last three chapters in the book had this title to it:

“When a Man With Money Meets A Man With Experience, The Man With Experience Ends Up With The Money and the Man With The Money Ends Up With The Experience.” I skipped that chapter as I felt I just learned it.

What if the driving reason for life is for us to experience it rather than win it? If we play the game and learn from it we still win something, don’t we? We at least learn how to play it better next time, don’t we?

I am not a real sports fan but logic tells me that a baseball coach would call for a runner to steal a base when that is better than relying on the hitter at bat???? Anyway, that’s what I think.

If I am seeing things right then I don’t see a catastrophe when the competition tries to steal. I see an opportunity to tag him out! He may be trapped between the two bases.

Yes, the CABAL is deliberately bringing down the banks and the economy. But that shows you how desperate they are right now. They have to abandon their safety, gamble it all on one play, and that play is in process. It is not lost to us. We can win!

We need to let this play out and root for our home team, the one we want to win.

Let me say it a different way. If we win the game we must crawl out from under the CABAL’s system. So in order to do so their system must be destroyed in it’s entirety. Well, let’s let the CABAL destroy away at the old. This will not only help us to get everyone to start crawling, it will also motivate us to recreate, as we will have to.

So for me I am delighted to see the runner destroy second base and run to third. No matter what we will win!

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1 opmerking

Onbekend lid
16 mrt. 2023

Perfect read, makes great sense, thanks, Jim!

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