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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Big Stupid, Part II.

Yesterday I watched the footage of a CNN reporter lying her buns off about being caught in the attack on Israel. While talking to her producer, she admits she is six miles from the rocket explosions. Yet she is lying and laying in a ditch and was directed to act in fear for the camera. As she does so, she says “I see a baby carriage.” Just what does that mean, one turned over in the road, one parked on a porch, or one in which a toddler climbed out of as he ran for his life?

Last month I shared with you my experience in college Psychology in 1968 when the professor hooked up Mary to a lie detector machine so we could watch the needle. She was instructed to answer just the first two questions, the first truthfully and the second as a lie, then to remain silent. The first two questions were “Is your name Mary” and “Are you a college drop-out”. Her answers made a small then a big move in the needle.

Then he said “Tee Shirt” and “Shoes”, with both yielding small moves. Then he said “Vietnam” giving a big jump. That was followed by “Pregnant” which maxed out the needle! We were then explained that her body was now full of adrenaline for up to six hours from that last emotional jolt.

Now I ask you, what will “Rockets exploding” and “baby carriage“ in one sentence do to a person? There is no doubt about it, that female reporter was definitely shaking her money maker for the camera.

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