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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. The Big Stupid.

God knows I do big stupid things occasionally but this is one time I hope that I won’t and hope you join me.

The Cabal wants us to get our dander up and declare side “A” or Side “B” to be evil doers again. They then expect us to help kill them in the name of god, the horrible infidels! We all need to calm down and not fan the flames of hate that the Cabal always gets us to do for them.

If we succumb to “40 kids got decapitated” on Side “A” and we ourselves emotionally react, then we are goading Side “B” to do a false flag on themselves and decapitate 80 kids, or we motivate Side “A” to go in and decapitate all kids in Side “B”.

We need to stay calm and realize all of this is contrived by controlling people who want us to drink their Kool Aid. For once we all need to stay away from the big stupid and show the Universe we have finally learned our lesson.

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