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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. The Biblical Move Of China, Plain and Simple.

Bo Polney is the biblical scholar that first predicted the weekend of the 24/25th being biblical and changing the world forever. He was right.

I believe China has indeed undergone a military coup against their Communist government. As any newborn baby, they will stay low and quit until they can organize themself and stand on their own. It may be a week or so before they go public.

In the meantime, lets project together what it all means, shall we. . .

1. They have billions of people to feed. They are not going to invade the U.S., they don’t have time.

2. What they need is to finish off the CABAL so they can live in a fair world. In this way they can produce factory output and purchase food, fairly.

3. They need allies and not foes as they return to a republic. They need to cut deals with the rest of the world quickly and fairly.

4. All of the world’s leaders and politicians that are owned and operated by the CCP are now Shit Outta Luck. Do not stand in their way or you may suffer a broken leg as they flee past you.

5. With the fall of the Chinese Communist Party, massive numbers of derivative holders are now asking for payoff, and this alone will bankrupt the Big Banks and the Central Banks world wide.

As Porky would say, “Bde . . Bde . . Bde. . But that’s all folks.” It’s game over for the Deep State. Welcome to the new world that will appear Monday morning!

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