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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. The 20 year old Website – CoopVillags.US; Help Wanted.

This Rant is about my Coopvillages.US project that now is nearing its time to come to reality and be built.

In a nutshell, it was based on a challenge to house 500 persons on 500 acres;

to live sustainably forever, produce most of their own food,

and provide living wage jobs.

No one will ever profit from the people in the village or from each other.

The property would be owned by a Community Land Trust, "owned & Managed" by all the adults living there. The project will be financed by a grant from NESARA post collapse and Reset.

No, this is not Communism. It is a partnership in Capitalism. People will be free to sell their interest in their membership, at a predefined price, and leave with their wealth anytime they choose. This is more like a partnership, except the earnings will be measured by happiness rather than earnings.


I knew when I created this that no banker in the world would touch it as it’s intent is to cut out the bankers. In order to go out to sea a sailer must be patient and pick his departure time to work with the tide. So too here. I needed to create the first village as we are pulling out of the collapse. We could either get local financing, from the newly wealthy or draw a grant form NESARA so new residents can enter freely.

An advisory team is needed by acting as an informal Board of Directors to advise in finalizing the plans and timing of the Village kick-off. I am seeking persons willing to assist by email or attending Zoom Meetings. There is no pay for this. If interested:

This is the website: CoopVillages.US

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