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Jim’s Daily Rant. Thank You To The Boy Scouts.

Yesterday the Boy Scouts changed their name for the second time in ten years. Each time was a retreat to their final death. The first was from a bankruptcy reorganization. The one from yesterday was from the insanity of Wokeism.

I will share some of my personal opinions with you, if I may.

My first experience with scouting was 6 months at age 11. I got kicked out for raiding a nearby Girl Scout camp with stink bombs with three older boys. One of those boys was the Scout Master’s son who got the boot too.

Then at age 22, I was asked by a neighbor to take over his troop temporarily so he could recover from a surgery. He never came back. It took me about two months to read everything a Scoutmaster needed to know. I was amazed at what I learned. The movement was to instill integrity and leadership into young boys. When I looked past the word Leadership, I actually saw Project Management, which I did not know.

But after almost nine years as a Scoutmaster, I knew it! I sometimes thought I learned more than the boys did by just trying to stay ahead of them. I finally got burned out in life around age 31 and reorganized myself.


I was shocked when I learned that the program now allowed gay leaders into the program. I am sure they gave into the lawsuits. I wish that had never happened. It was hard to assure a mother that her son would be OK on a camp-out but now it would be impossible to get her trust. Mothers aren’t stupid.

Four years ago I learned that 11 year old Girls could now join to get the same training as the boys, but the girls camped one weekend and the boys camped the next weekend. I thought that was a wonderful opportunity for both the organization and the girls to get equal training.

But this final move to 13 uniforms to cover all sexes is just too much.


I created an Explorer post for one year only to train older high school kids, both girls and boys, to learn programming. During that year we had a camp-out. I don’t think I really went to sleep that weekend with 20 kids hopped up on hormones away from their parents. Afterwards I realized it was a perfect camp-out.

But my god, you couldn’t pay me to do that today with 13 sexes out there with some of them shot up on medicine and even more hormones to get them changed. I can understand 5 year olds playing “I’ll show you mine if you show yours”, but now its “I’ll show you my scars if you show me how yours was made.”

No. That would take camping to a new level that I couldn’t be responsible for as a leader. That is why I say the Scouting program will soon be dead. They will not have good leaders willing to take responsibility. Mothers will destroy the remaining program for sure.


As we go into the recreation of our societies, I am most grateful for all the leaders that have come out of all the scouting programs. Their skills in leadership, project management and ethics will be needed in rebuilding ourselves.

I hope someone will get rich in recreating the Scouting movement and franchising it to churches so they can run their troops free of the insanity.

As leaders die or retire, the young leaders must have leadership already in them by age 20 or so to fill the positions vacated. Before Covid, a supervisor had to be around age 30 to 35 to get such a promotion. Why? Because leadership is not taught in any schools with the exception of military colleges. But remember, the military motivates you by reminding you they can shoot you, so a lot is left out.

As we recover from the collapse new leaders will have to be trained in their youth or they will fail in their jobs. So our society must rebuild those programs or we will suffer terribly.

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