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Jim’s Daily Rant. Suppository Instructions. What Clif Failed To Say About Bad Bonds Today.

In Clif’s podcast today, Muddy Waters. It's going to be a long dig through history, he failed to define the “Bad Bonds” that will have to be redeemed by the Federal Reserve, creating hyperinflation in the U.S.

Clif intentionally failed to define the term because he is a well mannered Gentleman. I am not. I am a crude SOB. I would have no qualms about giving the real instructions about giving yourself a suppository, but I am getting to the age when I might have to soon, so I prefer not to scare myself today.

But I am prepared to discuss Bad Bonds. After WWII, the Bretton Woods Agreement gave the U.S the trophy for being the King Of The Hill. That was awarding the Dollar as hegemony for International Trade. All international trades were settled by the Dollar only.

This forced other countries to buy our Dollars, in the form of US Treasury Bonds. Thus they gave us their gold and we gave them a pretty piece of paper with Mermaids on its border. This gave the US a booming economy.

Then we began hitting bad times. We began inflating the Dollar 3% per year. This is fancy Financial jargon for tearing 3% off the side of that Bond paper promise. So if the Bond was worth $100K at issuance, it is only worth $97K after a year. Financial Managers would say what suppository users would say and try to get out of that business, right?

But they discovered they couldn’t as our State Department went and had serious talks with them to convince them to continue to invest in those Bonds, with each country convinced in their own ways. Now keep in mind that on those visits the get-away-car was driven by the U. S. Military in some way.

Now if this sounds far fetched consider this. The Federal Reserve regulates all US banks. They began to require banks to also buy those Treasury Bonds, which they did. Now trust me, even those old men that ran those banks still knew that ice melts in the hot summer sun, yet they gleefully bought them.

When the banks began to hit insolvency from melted ice, Congress passed laws that now required pension funds to stock their freezers too.

Allow me to use a newly created financial term, the Re-Po Window. This was an ingenious creation of the Fed Reserve as well. Banks were insolvent on paper and their fellow Bankers knew how to read their Financial Statements and refused to lend them money for just one day, out of fear.

The reason for most of the insolvency was the face value of their bonds was originally worth say $10 Million but the unmelted block now only weighs in at $7 Million (shrinkage, you know.)

But the Fed Reserve was using Monopoly Money, so they lent the bank $10 Million overnight taking as security the Shrunken $7 Million bond. Oh Shit, I’m sorry, I said a bad financial term by using the word “Shrunken”. The correct financial term for it is “Bad Bond”, which is seldom spoken out loud.


So now you know what a Bad Bond is. But now let me tell you the connection between those Bad Bonds and suppositories.

The US government used the Bonds like a forced con. They forced players to buy them. Then in desperation they forced the US people to buy them as well but only after shaking down the rest of the world all they could. The rest of the world is now rebelling from standing in too much melted water and want out. As we enter hyperinflation the ice will get hotter and melt faster.

So when Clif High began talking finances (at the 20 Minute Mark) he points out that in mid May the Fed Reserve will be forced to repurchase Bad Bonds to hid the truth from the world that their con is up. The Fed will attempt to repurchase the bad bonds at a higher price than they are financially worth today; trying to pay off some owners so they won't tell the others of the con. This means they need to steal from somebody new.

They need just one more jerk to keep the con going another month or two. Guess who it is that Clif doesn’t want to name?

That’s right, it’s you and me! Clif warned us but never mentioned it as bonds. This is what he meant by saying the government will stop paying government employees in June. So when that happens then the Federal Government will then stiff that states for funds owed them. We will have to wait and see if they run out of stamps to mail out Social Security checks after banks begin to close. I think you get the picture here.

I hope I haven't just upset you here, as I am trying to warn you to prepare your families. To restate that, please don’t tighten your sphincter from this article, you may soon receive a Bad Bond suppository.



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