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Jim’s Daily Rant. Spooky Ain’t it?

Final Warning. I repeat what clif High is saying, the banking system will fail in May and also in May the Federal Government will begin shutting down due to lack of funds.

I can’t recall if it was Cliff or James Howard Kunstler that summed it up by saying we are now seeing humanity fighting itself over reality. That is most accurate.

Kunstler cautioned us to remember that those of us who follow the Alt News Media are in a bubble unseen by the Normies, so be patient with them.

I was reminded by a friend this morning of what I also know is coming. I share that with y’all’:

Yeah, imagine being on guard duty when you are too pooped to pop and too popped to poop.
But really, all survival movies fail to show one common trait. You can't shit. From the stress, to the not sleeping in your usual bed, to poor diet, to being dehydrated, it will happen.
It is best to let Mother nature do its thing with peaches.
Otherwise, you will be like the constipated mathematician who worked it out with a pencil.
Also have diarrhea medicine in first aid kit. It too will happen.
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1 Comment

Mar 30, 2023

Thank God for your website. You always have the best articles and insite to sum up where we are on a daily or weekly basis. Your rants help tie everything together. Thanks Patrick

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