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Jim’s Daily Rant. Sound Of Freedom.

Yesterday I saw the movie The Sound of Freedom. It was very well produced so as not to shock the viewer. It delicately showed a true story of locating and rescuing enslaved children. I may sound hardened by this statement but to me the only ones it could emotionally freak out could be someone abused sexually in their past and releasing past emotions again. So be cautious.

Other than that, I feel every adult should see this movie currently showing in theaters. As an epilogue at the end, one actor suggests we all need to see it in a theater in order to shut off all distractions while viewing it.

When I got up this morning, below are thoughts I have, not directly from the movie, but regarding the subject matter.

The movie revealed how the kids are transferred from country to country. I can imagine that this causes confusion in international law as to jurisdiction, hampering efforts to rescue these kids.

For me this reinforces why we should be more patient for the collapse to occur because now under emergency martial law type atmosphere, or treaty by countries allowing Military operations to come in and rescue, these kids can be rescued more immediately. Otherwise, during the collapse and Reset, these kids may be killed to destroy the evidence of such crimes.

I personally imagine a date of settlement, or amnesty, to turn these kids over to authorities to avoid a horrendous penalty for trafficking them. Perhaps it might entail a South African reconciliation like the one they had after Apartheid ended in their country. They allowed criminals to make a public disclosure of their crimes within a year, otherwise, they would be hunted down and prosecuted. If we don’t do this the slaves will all be killed or abandoned to die.

This is why I recommend the movie so we can all agree to belay our immediate need to see the traffickers executed and instead focus all of our energy on the final recovery and assistance to those unfortunate young souls. We must all agree to this early on before it's too late!

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