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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Something Doesn’t Feel Right.

A thought has been haunting me all afternoon about the gas pipeline being destroyed yesterday.

If I were a West European government leader I would be raising all kinds of hell today. I would not be silent. If for no other reason to put on a sow for my country’s citizens. So far I have not heard a peep. It doesn’t feel right.

A few minutes ago I posted the X22 Report an hour early today. Their headline reads: Scare Event Being Pushed, Trump Messaging It’s Almost Time, Only At The Precipice.

If today Western Europe was just murdered by being completely separated from natural gas for a year or so because both gas pipelines were blown up, isn’t that a pretty tame headline by X22?

Is it possible that the gas pipeline explosion is only fake headlines to scare the population into waking up, like a loud hand-clap?

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