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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Somebody Has To Say It.

Been busy outside today but someone just has to say it.

‘Taint no biggie today. The SCOTUS action on Brunson Brothers probably no longer is needed. I was wondering about this last night.

Over the weekend McCarthy went under new management again. Years ago he started out when his wife broke him on their Honeymoon. I suspect he went under the power of other Biggies over the years but now he is owned and operated by Trump/White Hats.

The Republicans control the Senate. They now own the House Speaker and the House Rules Committee. So in essence they also control the House indirectly. The Brunson suit is no longer necessary. Everything is in place now to reel the Republic back in making room for NESARA/GESARA.

Then if we factor in the possibility that some House Democrats may be under arrest/control now of the Military, then Trump/White Hats may have voting control of the House too.

Your thoughts?

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