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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Slow Speed Limit On The Reset.

When my mother was about 81, she drove a friend to my neck of the woods for an outing. They were heading to an outdoor Pioneer Day celebration to see some of the exhibits and just get out in the April sun.

Just before reaching their destination she was pulled over by a Highway Patrolman. He said “Ma’am, Do you know how fast you were going?” She said “Yes I do. I always drive the speed on the sign. I was going 20.” He responded “That’s right, but you are on Highway 20. The speed limit here is 60.”

Then he noticed her friend. Her face was all white and she was hyper-ventilating. He said “Ma’am, is she gonna be alright?” Mom said “Oh yeah, she’s a lot better now. You should have seen her when I first pulled off 129 onto 20.”

I know it feels like we’re moving at a snails pace to the Reset, and at times wonder if we made a mistake and not going as fast as we should be. But hang in there Folks, I think it’s just around the corner now.

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