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Jim’s Daily Rant. Slap Around & Joining A Private Member Association to Take Back Our Republics.

During the time of the great square-sail ships, sailors of the British Navy took joy in playing a game I dubbed “slap around”. Their huge warships carried 500 men and a dozen or two young cabin boys. Invariably on each voyage there were at least half a dozen new boys around the age of nine venturing to sea their first time. Once at sea the sailors would get bored and initiate those first timers.

A short piece of rope was tied to each boy’s left wrist with the other end being lashed to the mast placing the boys in a circle facing each others back.  Their right hand held a board.  There were only two rules to the game. When you were tapped by the boy behind you, you had to tap the one before you. You could hit as hard or soft as you wanted; you were free to choose.

After several rounds of slightly tapping each other someone would always feel that they had been tapped too hard and would accelerate his blows. Before long the sailors would be roaring with laughter at the sight of the boys beating the hell out of each other. What was so funny (or sad) was that all that was needed was for one boy to choose to go back to tapping, but they couldn’t comprehend that what they did was a delayed version of what was coming back around to them. All they had to do was to simply stop! Source By Jim Costa


We all complain about the criminal corporation government destroying the wold in our name but at the same time we must realize that we have to power to step up and stop the entire process and return us back to a Republic.

All a few Patriots have to do is to join or create a Private Member Association devoted to restoring the Republic. When about 10% of all US counties have a group assembled that should topple the Corporate government. They are already half dead now but this will demonstrate to the public that hey are illegal shams and end the con.


If I Join One How Much Time Will It Consume?

Really very little. Here is what I propose.

Find out who the reader in the group is and have them explore Miki’s website. It can be overwhelming because like a book it gives you the entire history of the world, then in complete legalese, tells us how we have the right to correct it. The reader can report back that Jim's Fast Track is right.

That legalese is more to help type your Affidavit or Indictment, if you don’t copy one to fit your needs.

The above describes 80% of her website. But most of the group can skip to the Fast Track to how to just get it done. Here is my really really Fast Track Plan:

Really Really Fast Track Plan  

By Jim

1) Pick a complaint

2) Pick persons to serve.

3) Pick a Document type (Affidavit, Writ, Indictment):

The simplest is Writ. It will look kinda like this:

You just have to say you are accused of commuting a (types of crime) and now have 5 days to prove you have not committed this crime. If you fail to respond in writing, you will Default and the failure to respond shall be your agreement that you have committed to the above crimes.The form will go on informing him you will forget the whole thing if he never commits another crime like this again. If he continues to be a criminal you will turn in the paperwork to the Military with instructions to incarcerate him.

If you are a government employee, I will pull your bond, and you will lose your house, car, wife and kids (if they are better than mine).

4) Serve the Notice.

Pay a kid $20 to deliver it in person, asking if he is John Jones, touching his person with the envelope and say “You have been served” and walk away.The kid then signs an Affidavit saying he served it.I think you can also serve it Certified mail, but I will have to check on that.

5) Monitor for a month and decide what course of action to take next, if any is required.

6) When that works pick new targets and causes. Shortly they will see you will keep serving notices and their con is up, as others will be attacking as well. They cannot harm all

1,800,000 members to stop serving them across the country. Even their minion employees will give up on their con.

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