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Jim’s Daily Rant. Shock And Awe Or Just Plain Crazy? The Phil Godlewski Report.

I am reminded of the day I took my Boy Scout Troop and a neighboring troop canoeing, accompanied by parents. We put in with about 35 canoes with two boys in one canoe and parents in another. I realized I was way above my leadership experience that morning and was concerned. The goal of every Scoutmaster is to instill leadership in the boys so I muddled through the best I could.

My hope was to somehow keep the parents off the boys backs yet let the parents enjoy their float. The plan was to let the 15 year old Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) lead the float. His order was to allow no one to pass him unless it was an emergency. The two Scoutmasters would be drag collecting up stragglers. Parents were told to not interfere with leadership unless they see an obvious danger.

Each of the eight patrols would go in single waves with unrelated parents in that wave. The SPL was to halt on a stream curve sandy beach every 45 minutes, thus making us accordion style. The troops would then play stream football or wrestle for a greased watermelon until the SPL moved again.

Patrol Leaders were told that if they couldn’t train novices fast enough then let them join the wave behind them, thus keeping up the column speed. If the novices passed through all patrols then the Scoutmasters would teach the missing secret to canoeing – to change course just before it’s needed.

The rear steersman points the canoe sideways aiming for the shore and the paddlers just let it float as the stream goes into it’s turn. Then at the last minute, two hard paddle pulls and the canoe rushes out of the whirlpool on the far bank before it pulls them into the bushes and trapping them there.

After three hours I came around a bend 10 minutes after entering the water only to see the troops all assembled on the beach. I asked the SPL if everything was “OK” and he said “yes” and then lead the column forward again. On the drive home I asked him what happened. He said Mr. So and So passed him and when he asked him to remain behind he was told “We are only going to see something ahead.” The SPL said he wasn’t sure what to do so he hollered “Regroup” and pulled up on the beach. He then told me “Jim, I thought he was going to have a heart attack trying to paddle back upstream with his wife!”

Well, it has now been two full days since Godlewski showed evidence that NESARA/GESARA is real, funded and ready to go. Yet no Alternative News pod-caster has mentioned a single word about it. Why not I wondered. Are they in shock and awe? Do they not believe the documents are real? Are they waiting for more vetting and evidence?

At this point I think all the above plus uncertainty of how they are to respond. If the evidence is true, then it negates 75% of today’s headlines as irrelevant BS and no podcasts are needed to discuss them. Don’t forget some pod-casters earn a living as journalists. So what’s a mother to do?

I believe they are like many people in that they are afraid of believing what they saw and now want to believe their ears. After Godlewski interviews the “well known” person, this week, that was involved with the documents and knows the rest of the story, then the pod-casters will have to react.

Don’t forget what Godlewski said at the end of his second Podcast After that the Alternative Pod-castors might be upset that he was the one to break the news but “they will eventually have to come to him for the story.” I predict within 10 days or so we will see a lot of red faced paddlers trying to reverse course.

It’s going to be exciting as the world wakes up. Enjoy the float Folks, we ourselves are pointing in the right direction, but a little early!

P. S. I had a most relaxing day as we received no stragglers. The boys trained all of the parents!

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