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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Searching For Truth In A Room Full Of Mirrors.

I once got a haircut in a 4 chair barbershop with continuous mirrors on the walls in front and behind you. The view was mind blowing. I counted 16 views of myself in one mirror as the view kept replicating itself. However, it was easy to spot the primary (true) view as it was the largest. All of the replications were increasingly smaller.

But here we are now in a world of mirrors in that we don’t know what the true stories are that are being repeated over and over by several sides. What is the primary truth?

Yesterday Bill Still published PETER SCHWEIZER – BIDEN’S SECRET CELL PHONE, in which he says Joe Biden had a Hunter Biden business burner phone used for deal making. It is also being said that one journalist called the phone and Joe Biden answered. We are not told when the incriminating call was made.

If we believe that the Joe Biden we see on TV is an actor wearing a Biden rubber mask, how does that weigh in? Did the actor answer the phone or did the real Joe Biden answer it when he was actually playing himself? How can we interpret this? Is this the White Hats now pulling the strings and releasing real evidence?

Let’s look at two other current building situations for help. First look at the January 6th Trump Indictment. Yesterday it was said that now the Democratic House Committee lost videos and other evidence used for the indictment. Article This is unlawful and also against the House Rules. This will probably end in the Indictment being dissolved.

Then there is the indictment for Trump possessing records in his home. Recently a Florida judge is indicating an Indictment reached in the DC. District, 96% Democratic voters, cannot be enforced in Florida where the records were located. This makes the Indictment a Sham and unenforceable. Article

So how could the Democrats and the Deep State make such illogical and stupid mistakes? To me, there is only one way; the White Hats are forcing players they now control to deliberately make those mistakes. This indicates that we are indeed watching a theater show ongoing to wake up the still sleeping Normies.

Therefore, I still believe all three situations above prove that we are indeed watching the White Hat controlled spilling of the beans, meaning that the Deep State has lost control and have already lost their power. We now need to re-look at all threats coming from them as just theater to scare the Normies awake.

Cheer up, everything is exactly as it is supposed to be and under control. The truth is now playing out!

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