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Jim’s Daily Rant. Sea Turtles Balancing Ships.

Updated: Feb 16

After watching today’s podcast of Why This Major European Country Is COLLAPSING… (WAR Economy Announced!), I remembered sea turtles.

During the time of square sailed ships one technological advances of the mariners was the domestication of the sea turtles. Because the ships were wind powered, they had to often change their tack, causing them to list greatly from one side to the other as they zigzagged their way over the ocean.

They would load their bilge with the giant turtles to level their keel. If their tack caused the bilge water to flood the starboard side, the turtles would swim to the port side to stay dry. They occasionally cooked a turtle as well. Today there is less listing but I assume it is dealt with by flooding sea tanks along the extreme sides.

I was reminded of the turtles because our Central Bankers use a similar tactic. During the Great Depression, the auto plants laid off employees due to the reduction in demand. So they hauled out their turtles, the “talk of World War”. All those factories geared up for planes, tanks, new helmets and explosives. After the war they produced washing machines for diapers, family cars and fertilizer plants.

Unfortunately the Central Bankers cannot envision a different methodology like the ship designers did.

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