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Jim’s Daily Rant. SCOTUS Action Tomorrow Based On Real News Report Below.

This is a recap of what RealNews just reported on podcast posted today but recorded yesterday.

The SCOTUS has agreed;

to hear an emergency complaint regarding the 2020 election;

that the SCOTUS believes it is of National Emergency;

with a hearing scheduled for tomorrow, 11/25/2022.

The complaint indicates that the Congress;

failed to allow hearing of complaints during the ten days after the election;

as required by law. In fact they blocked complaints.

[In my mind this is a “Per Se” mistake. A Per See is an automatic outcome if you step on this crack here. There is no defense to a Per Se action.]

On Friday the court can rule on the complaint or call for another hearing. If they rule in favor of the complaint, U.S. Marshalls will remove 340 “government officials” immediately, including Biden and Harris.

This case does not require the SCOTUS to rule if the 2020 election was or was not fraudulently done.

[I have no doubt the court will be unanimous on this issue.]

So far I cannot corroborate this case filing or story, but I have confidence in Real News and Jsnip4 (2).

P.S. I am told it is Supreme Court case #22-380, Brunson v. Adams, on SCOTUS website

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