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Jim’s Daily Rant. Scent Of Freshly Washed Hair.

Just what is it about the scent of freshly washed hair that drives world leaders crazy? First Biden and now George Soros. I understand the reason he missed the Davos WEF annual meeting yesterday is he had already planned on staying home and washing his hair. Go figure?

When long distance hikers go through open country where no roads go, they stay quite busy on the move. They constantly check their watches, count steps, eyeball the compass and horizon to insure they remain on the right path. This is where we are in the Collapse and Reset now, very busy.

I have always felt that the financial and economic fall must be well underway before anyone wants to sit on the throne of government so its not blamed on them for the downturn. I still feel that way.

In yesterday’s Simon Parkes podcast, he suggests that the whole world must be rescued from the Elite, not just the U.S. He suggests the financial, governmental, supply chains and financial institutions must all collapse around the same time. That is what the hold up is now but it is happening fast.

I check the trail every day. I am convinced that all is progressing well and is accelerating at a fast pace. Stay calm and prepared Folks.

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