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Jim’s Daily Rant. Russian Textbooks and Recapped Description of the 5Th Dimension.

Yesterday’s Clif High posted this podcast: Alien (you know which ones) cult. Death threats & genocide why should i speak with an Israeli? Fuck'em.  At the 14 minute mark he discusses the fact that Russia is now printing textbooks for Primary and High School grades to be used next year). Although next year might be ambiguous as to the release date, he points out that the news folks will have to prepare the world for this.

The texts will say that the Jews are unaware that they are mistaken to believe they were the race chosen by god, and thus believe they are special. They actually were chosen by the Elohim, ancient aliens that once colonized earth. They suffer from Stockholm Syndrome after many hundreds of years of persecution.

Clif points out that those books are also being printed in languages of countries that follow Russia's lead. This should serve a huge population! Surely the news outlets must reveal this at some time soon to prepare the populations. Can you imagine what will come from just mentioning the terms "ancient aliens" and "colonization" in one paragraph?


Now let’s learn all about the 5th Dimension together, shall we?

Let’s begin a mind experiment with a common snail. We will assume it is in the first dimension, only able to crawl forwards in any direction it chooses. It cannot look up or travel up.

Now let’s assume the scientists can cause it to communicate telepathically with us.

So let’s begin the experiment. Try to create the right words to get the snail to understand the experience of flying in an airplane. Let me know when you have the solution.

In the meantime, below is a recap of all we, as 3rd Dimension humans, know about the

5th Dimension: Source



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