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Jim’s Daily Rant. Resume Writing For Fun and Profit.

In 1982, two Class of ‘82 Harvard MBA graduates and drinking buddies wrote a business book titled The Official MBA Handbook – How To Succeed In Business Without A Harvard MBA. It was brilliantly written to cover all aspects of business with each subject presented in about four pages. It was also funny as hell.

I hung on to my copy for restudy until it tore apart. A few years ago I found them used online for $129 each. In building my newest website Free Business and Leadership On-line School, I located them for about $5 and ordered a few.

Attached is the section of Resume Writing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. That will be one of the school’s lesson plans.

P. S. After so many years I remembered wrongly that he was caught having sex with a girl in the back of the campus library. She was the Dean’s daughter and was forbidden from ever dating him and two other campus jerks.

Resume Writer
Download PDF • 3.64MB

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