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Jim’s Daily Rant. Restatements And The One I Have Been Waiting For Ten Years To See.

I will be paraphrasing here in my own words, so bear with me.

Restatements have been a very big part of my life because I try to think in that manner. But first we must appreciate that there are several types of restatements.

1) Black Letter Law Restatements.

Legal Definition: “:any of several volumes produced by the American Law Institute and authored by legal scholars and experts that set forth statements of major areas of law (as contracts, torts, trusts, and property) and are widely referred to in jurisprudence but are not binding”

Example: One set I use is called “Hornbook Series”. A few days ago Dr. Phil made this statement regarding a Hornbook on Criminal Procedure when he interviewed Trump:

As you know, I spent a lot of my career as a consultant to people involved in litigation. As I was watching some of the trials against you, I could have moved my finger down a Hornbook and spotting everything the Court was doing that was wrong. [my own wording]

2) Problem Resolving Restatements.

Restating a problem using different words in hope that more solutions can be spotted.

Such as restating “Why can’t we deliver our product faster to keep it fresh?’ to “How can we keep our product longer on the shelf fresh?”

3) Correction Restatements.

Changing a few facts to make the information accurate as of this date.

4) Jim’s Restatement.

To combine all three above to explain a difficult concept, without giving any proof or argument. To reduce it down to ClifNote style.


Clif High’s Restatement was finally published today as his A Few Years from Today. It’s coming article.

He has boiled his 15 years of complex detailed research down to just two pages!

Well done Cliff. Well done.

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