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Jim’s Daily Rant. Response To Rick’s “What Did I say About Fani”.

Rick continues with “the criminality persists and will continue to do so, IMO.


Our Awakened Response Should Be This

You and the rest of America did exactly what you were trained to do in Civics class in grade school. You said “This is shit” and moved on. Nothing to see here. This is the way the ole system works.

Note: Before we begin know that the Georgia Shit Show, /AKA/, Trump’s Civics Class, is now in session. Pay attention.

Also Note: Don’t go looking in the text books for what I am about to preach here because it ain’t there. The heirs of King George I ripped that page out of our minds after George became to first king to have his head removed for stopping the new replacement legal system. Therefore, the process flow may vary among all U.S. counties. We will be making up as we go along.

First let’s Study the Old Civic System.

Under the English Monarchy, the Court was held by the King. He was the gatekeeper for what cases were heard and the judge (decision maker). His job was to protect his power and wealth.

In 1642 the Crown lost a peoples rebellion and had to accept a Parliament to rule the country. The Crown also lost its legal gate keeping system to De Jure or peoples Grand Juries.

Seven years of fighting between Charles’ supporters and Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians (circa 1642) claimed the lives of thousands, and ultimately, of the King himself. Charles was convicted of treason and executed on 30 January 1649 outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall. [He was the only monarch to die from Treason] Source

King Charles I lost his head for Treason by blocking the new Parliament and legal system. The term “Treason” was a replacement for “Sedition”, the crime of saying or doing anything disrespectful to the Crown. “Treason” now protects the new government instead of the Crown. This made the government a sovereign higher than the old Crown, who got their Sovereignty from god himself through the church.


Our New Government of 1871.

When the U.S. became our New Government of 1871, it simplified the legal system by assigning numbers for crimes. Thus a policeman's ticket book needs a number on it for the offense, such as a 1601 or a 1020. Later the DA’s numbered their bigger crimes. But somehow they lost the codes for “Treason”, “Corruption” and “Dereliction” of “Duty”.

So the bottom line in curing the Fulton County Fani problem is you need to ask the DA /AKA/ Fani, to charge herself with a crime or Recall her.

The recall process is simple. Go to any Brazilian rain Forrest, collect 10,000 live wort frogs, get worts, and then try to stand in front of Walmart and before getting chased away, get 10,000 signatures each to recall Fani and the Judge at a special election that has to be paid for by ???.

Somehow the government morphed back into a corporation Crown controlling the laws again.

They are back to being above the law.

Our Response Should Be This

Our Newly Reconstituted Republic of 2024:

1) Six to twelve residents of Fulcrum County, Ga., need to assemble to be a De Jure Grand Jury.

2) They have to sign paperwork declaring themselves as Living Persons.

3) They have to have another living person sign an Affidavit that says:

Fani Willis, the current DA, is a treasonous corrupted crook who no longer serves the best interests of the County Residents”

For the crime number just put “N/A”. Number of frogs attached: 0

Charges of crimes committed are listed as below: Embezzlement of County funds, by doing; Using County funds to pay for a Gigalo, by doing; Treason for interfering in an election, by doing; Screwing the peoples right to elect a president by Screwing his Special Prosecutor;

Lying to a court, by saying the following.

4) Fani is served the Affidavit. If she fails to respond, she is admitting guilt. If she responds, a De Jure Grand Jury must reach an Indictment after her response.

5) If the Indictment is for Crimes Against Humanity or Treason, it is delivered to the Military to arrest and judge her. If it is for a lessor offense, the Indictment is sent to the Sheriff to arrest her and carry out the sentence.


The Trump Show is shoving Fani’s Fanny in our faces Folks. When a dozen Fulton County residents get tired of it, they can freely assemble and stop her from being in their lives.

The Military and Sheriff are standing by.

We hold the key to let ourselves out of the Matrix jail.


For deeper information on the process, See:  The Peoples Operation Restoration 

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