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Jim’s Daily Rant. Recap Of The BPEarthwatch podcast today, Breaking / Special Report.

Updated: Jan 31

In his report, he presented evidence of 60 bio-warfare research centers, funded by the U.S., that have been captured by the Russians in Ukraine. He said the Russians have 20,000 documents tying it back to the U.S.

He also reports that the U.S. is frantically trying to move those research projects to Europe and the Middle East. BP suggests the 31 tanks being delivered is a stalling action to remove evidence of the labs. He also points out since the war began in March, Russia has already destroyed 7,679 tanks there.

BP points out that already today, 2 countries have backed away from moving equipment into Ukraine, that being Hungary and Austria. BP says to be vigilant the next few days as the CABAL knows the rest of the world now knows what they have been doing with the bio-labs and waging bio-warfare on the planet. They are desperate now.

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