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Jim’s Daily Rant. Recap Of Hidden Mind Control Audio Files In The Movie - Leave The World Behind.

Earlier I watched the one hour podcast Hidden Mind Control Audio Files Found In Netflix's “Leave The World Behind. I believe it to be of great value to watch, that it is accurate and terrifying at the same time. Its drawback is that it is somewhat technical, as it must be, and is long. Therefore I am recapping it for those short on time and patience.

The production was done by a 50 year old Christian couple who have searched movies for subliminal satanic messages for the last 15 years. They use editing software to dissect the movies, editing both the picture file and the audio file.

In their review of what is said to be Obama’s movie above, they discovered a most unusual fact. All movies have only two files: one Video and one Audio. In Leave, there was one video but four audio files!

One of the four audio files is an infrasonic frequency that is currently used in weapons since WWI and II. The couple has never seen these frequencies used in movies before and suggest they are possibly to be used to activate Mrna from the Covid VAX to be triggered into activation of Plandemic II.

In doing my research for this article I ran across this link of theirs outlining their discovery that is better than I could ever do.

Their Outline: Link [Scroll down a little]

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