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Jim’s Daily Rant. Recap Of Clif High This Week.

Clif High said a lot this week that needs repeating as it is overwhelming. So I will recap it for you.

In Woo War? Blue War?, posted 9/5/23 and is a 15 minute audio, he said:

* The attack on Hawaii was a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon).

* It could have been done by the Black Hats or the White Hats;

* Reports of witnesses say people wading in the ocean were boiled to death and floated away; the water appeared to burn.

* The reason for that location to be attacked is perhaps a DUMB underground facility was under the pavement and a DEW would have destroyed it.

* The Elite apparently knew it was coming and may have taken advantage of that information by using blue to protect their property.

* Oprah and other elites on the beach that were protected may never be able to show themselves in public, even if they did not cause the attack.

He feels 30% of the “population” realizes we are in a global war for our life. Based on comments, he feels within a couple of months the Under 18 Crowd will be awake as well to about 60% (now or later?). This is due to Tik Tok. He suggests they will haunt their parents using logic to wake them up.

This will occur from now through Oct, Nov. and up till January. These new aware families will prep immediately and arm themselves.

The kids will want to discuss the war in school instead of Communism. The schools will loose control. Administrators will resign.

If public schools have a massive drop in enrollment they loose their funding for that month. If a school looses a month or two of revenue they are bankrupt.

The kids will see a couple of schools close and will then boycott their own school to close it.

The world is realizing we have had DEW weapons at least since 9/11/2001 and it was used on the Twin Towers. Pre-positioned explosives could not have pulverized everything into dust. That would require a high energy weapon.

DEWS have been used to start most of the forest fires globally and certain attacks on other countries.

We can expect more such attacks as this is the new warfare. We are under attack by our own governments.

Some attacks may be coming from the U S Military by troops pushing buttons because that is what their computer told them to do. They may have no idea what they are causing.

This awareness in the masses will cause major social changes in the world.

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