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Jim’s Daily Rant. Reading The Tea Leaves.

When anyone reads the tea leaves there are times when mis-interpretation can occur. This is especially true for timeline projections. So be cautious of exact time predictions.

When a psychic sees a future event, they are not seeing what must occur. They are only seeing the most probable outcome based the current direction someone is heading. They have until the very last second to change their minds about the experience they are creating.

So to repeat, in reading the tea leaves, sometimes things can get lost in the translation.

I read about a Navaho Code Talker (radio operator) during the battle of Iwo Jima. They were expecting an artillery barrage late that afternoon and were dug into their foxholes. One was alone when a new replacement joined him. The replacement asked what outfit he was in. The Indian let him know he was temporally deaf from a recent blast.

Newby asked if he was a paratrooper by raising his arm, cupping is hand and mimicking a parachute falling to earth. Navaho just stared at him. Newby signed trooper by letting his two fingers walk in the air. After another stare, newby tried artillery by lowering his arms to his side then raising both forearms 45 degrees and jerking them back like two cannons recoiling from firing.

It was then that Navajo's eyes got big so Newby imitated holding a pair of binoculars to his eyes asking if he was an artillary observer. Navaho jumped out of the foxhole just as the incoming rounds began hitting them, ran 50 yards to the next hole and jumped in with another Navaho.

When his buddy asked why he did such a stupid thing, he responded “I had to. The new guy said that after the sun sets and everyone walks away, he was going to screw me until my eyes popped out!”

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