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Jim's Daily Rant. Q Clock For Those In A Hurry.

The battle to liberate the US took a dramatic turn on December 15th. The “Q” people set up a countdown clock that said a power outage would occur. A power station in New York was blown up at midnight on December 15th, -exactly when they predicted- causing widespread power shortages in New York. 
It is a good guess that power was cut off in the big KM stronghold of New York in order to turn off alarm systems and let special operations troops grab high-profile individuals. Time will tell if this was the case.
The Q people are now saying “Y2K3: The world as you know it…is over with. Ten days of total chaos…Merry Christmas.”
The Q movement, of course, is closely related to US President Donald Trump. We have now heard from the Trump people and found out that . . . .

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