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Jim’s Daily Rant. Procedures To Escape From The Impending Train Wreck.

In the fact based movie True Spirit, we saw how a 12 year old girl trained to sail around the world alone. She began learning procedures she would need to keep herself safe and alive. She planned her work and then at age 17, she worked her plan; as simple as that.

I am going to do a series on what we need to know to safely escape the train wreck we will soon have to escape from. Folks, now is the time to get our heads right and look squarely at what we need to be doing as we sit in the seat anticipating the wreck. We need to look at survival procedures now. We need to begin the work.

In a real train wreck, we might have to take stock of immediate problems in our passenger train car, such as a current fire, an escape route, our personal injuries and state of mind, resources around us, etc. From there we might develop a plan to have a team create an escape route, have all able bodied persons come forward so inventory of severely injured can be made, search for talented folks and leaders, etc.

In this episode we will focus on two aspects of our mental wreck, the Israeli distraction and our general world view. The second installment will focus on the U. S. government changeover and the Dollar Collapse.


In a real wreck we need to access the damage to our own body so we can ascertain how we can proceed to move. In our case we must take stock of our mental condition. We need to anticipate our future stress points and prepare to accept them. This week we got two great views of them.

First lets deal with the religious stress ahead as some religions will be questioned by their members. I realize this will be a nasty task, but now is the time to prepare ourselves so we don’t get hit so hard later on when we need to focus our thoughts elsewhere to survive.

I suggest we all watch US Marine Corps Officer Scott Ritter Reveals The TRUTH About The Hamas/Israeli War. [Recapped]. This is the best assessment of the Israel/Hamas problem we are currently facing. We have to get away from “it’s gods will” attitude about it and recognize it is all placed on men and their being controlled by others. We have to recognize that we can influence their outcome, just as we can control our own outcome.

I saw years ago the exposure of light on some religions but was shocked to see that that exposure has already begun and its impact. Clif mentions that the Mormon religion (Latter Day Saints) came under question about seven years ago and is now down to one third of its prior membership. So yes, this is going to hit Christianity hard as well.

We are about the see the real history of the Vatican, Christianity's original leadership. We are about to question some of the books that composed the bible and perhaps their miss-interpretations. Now I realize everyone's butts are going to tighten up on hearing this, but that is because since we were children we were told that anyone who asks us to question the scared writings are automatically evil doers. But isn’t this that same thing a magician or con-man would also tell us before tricking us by an illusion?

I hate to say this but I am reminded of Mark Twain’s warning to us:

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

So much of our world will suddenly be seen as “just ain’t so”, that we must go back and verify what we can salvage as true that we can continue to rely on. We have to salvage what we can.

I believe that after hard questioning our religious beliefs we will continue to hold tight to it’s basic doctrines, but without a lot of the embellishments added in over the centuries. But now is the time to expect the attack and be open minded about it as it unfolds. We have to prepare for it as if we are about to get hit by ocean waves near the shore that we can brace for knowing we can beat them.

I once had a dream about these religious attacks. I saw believers, especially the preachers, who had to explore the attacks so they could explain them to their parishioners. I saw them turn to the right to look behind themselves, and continuing to turn right. Finally they had turned 360 degrees and were back looking straight ahead from the spot they began with. They could still see clearly from where the began. They proved what they really believed in, but with more clarity now. So don’t be afraid folks.


Secondly we must learn that we can’t depend on the government to rescue us.

This can be accomplished by watching this weeks podcast The Hidden Truth About Antarctica - Dustin Nemos. Note that all of the earth’s country’s governments cooperated (and still do) in hiding our real world from us. This was so the Elite could control us. We must know this if we are to escape them.


Folks, we have to know all of this before we crawl out of the train wreck and take our sovereignty back. As Clif says in the above link, we have to escape their hold over us and learn to live knowing that aliens are among us now.

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