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Jim’s Daily Rant. Pop Test On Genocide.

This morning’s headline reads:

The sole Republican who voted against the measure was Rep. Thomas Massie (Ky).

The resolution passed in a vote of 412-10

Two weeks ago I visited a non-denominational Christian church in which the Pastor said to “Pray for Israel.” I walked out confused. Why didn’t he say pray for all humanity in regards to the Middle East or something like that. Why are we supposed to always protect Israel?

I have never read the bible from cover to cover. I am a lonely heathen, I guess. I am confused and admit it. In America I am told that if I live and abide by the bible I will be saved. But my research tells me there are about 400 versions of the English speaking bible, so which ones are good and which ones are evil? What about the Jewish, Muslim and other holy bibles?

I am told that some believe that as soon as Israel is granted a certain promise, god will return to earth, but after the real believers have been raptured out of this insane place. I am also told that the Mormons believe there are only a 100,000 tickets to heaven and the Shakers believed they could only have sex for the sake of making a child on that particular long awaited night. In some religions you can sing and dance, others you cannot. There are so many rules to learn; it’s so hard and confusing.

I recall a law class in which the professor drew a big circle (Venn Diagram), with lots of little circles intersecting that big circle. The smaller ones were labeled Contract, Tort, Criminal, Maritime, Agency, etc. I recognized all the little names but not the big circle, labeled Human Law.

Human law is those thoughts that humans can reach on their own, without outside help or records. Thus a man can sit under a tree and decide that genocide is not a good thing, and other humans around the world arrive at that same conclusion.


So here is my dilemma. If we love god and follow the correct rule book, will that automatically get us into heaven? Get us raptured out of this sinful crazy place?

What if god gave us a pop test to see if we have really learned love on this trip to earth? What if that pop test was to see, if we ourselves, would deliberately decide to commit or allow Genocide?


Genocide Situations In History:

I am told the Catholics committed genocide on the Cathors of France because the church ordered it.

I am told Germans and Japanese in WWII committed Genocide because they were ordered to do so.

I think I recently saw a Pastor push Genocide because perhaps Israel was somehow mentioned in the bible.

I am reading that our country is selling war hardware to the middle East, to commit genocide on each other, because we have new powerful weapons making the old ones obsolete. Therefore we are making a fortune in getting rid of our old waste.

I have read that the Salem Witch Trials was the result of spoiled stored grains causing temporary insanity.

My final Question. If you were god, and all of the above Genocide situations were present, and some people just watched and did nothing, would you rapture them?

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