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Jim’s Daily Rant. Plastic Chairs In the Denver Airport.

I seldom flew on business trips. I hated being away from home and worse, wasting my life in airports just waiting. I always had a book with me but it was hard to read in airport environments. I just stared and wondered how I could speed up everything I envisioned in my future.

I recall a return trip thru the Denver Airport, just sitting and wondering. After a while I struck up conversation of my dislike with a fellow plastic-sitter my age. After a few minutes he confided he had been there a few hours. He continued that an hour ago they called his flight. He sat and watched them all load. As the plane raised he realized it was his flight – he was still on home time!

I realize I have slowed down on my Rants lately. That is because we are all sitting in plastic chairs waiting to continue on to our future. There is no need to read a book because we are out of time for that. There is no need for me to post repeating news articles because y’all already know it and the last thing I want to do is serve up more fear.

Although I don’t know what time our plane will arrive to pick us up, I can’t read because I am constantly watching for it to taxi up. I can just feel it’s near. Of course, I can say the same about the Collapse. The financial con is about up as more and more of us realize it’s a con. The Central Banksters are now openly under attack and surely they realize they have run their course as the Petro-Dollar is floundering. And then after the weekend we see most of Europe violently vomiting up the Left. Gosh Folks, our flight up has got to land soon now, don't you think?

Make sure your bags are under foot and if you haven’t done it yet, do the mind exercise on the Holocaust. Dare to take that step while you can think clearly. I consider that drown-proofing one’s self for the rest of what’s coming our way.

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