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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Personal Observations On Voting.

I was worn out from working the voting booths yesterday. I ate a late dinner and went to bed.

I will begin looking at the results in a few minutes, but this is what I saw yesterday. We live in a small Republican rural precinct of around a thousand voters. Between the early voting, mail-ins and yesterday’s heavy turn-out, I believe we heard from nearly100% of registered voters.

From what I could tell without actual conversation, I have not seen that many pissed off people in one place since the last time I was on trial!

The highlight was when I handed a “I Voted” sticker to an 18 year old after she turned in her ballot. I told her “This sticker will get you free beers all night long in any bar.” She laughed and said “My Dad told me the same thing this morning!”

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