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Jim’s Daily Rant. Part II On Jim Rickards' Podcasts Today.

I am confused today. The Jim Rickards podcast published today is broken into several parts and hard to locate. I listened to Parts 6 and 7 today. But my earlier Rant today only mentions one part.

So it is easier if you just trust my recap of those two parts. Rickards says:

1. In 2014 the Feds got laws passed allowing for Bank Bail Ins.

2. The Bail Ins was the plan for total collapse of banks for 9 years until the Silicon Valley Bank collapse in March 2023.

3. Within 48 hours 40 Billion in deposits had been removed so that 9 year plane ended.

4 Next The Federal Reserve guaranteed all depositors would be covered so no need to raid the banks.

5. Now the banking problem is so huge there is no plan in place that can stop their total collapse.

6. The problem is no longer faith in the banks. The problem is confidence in the Dollar.

7. Therefore, anything can happen at any day now regarding total bank collapse.

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