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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Our Dark Ages.

The European Dark Ages began around the 5th century and ended around the 14th century. It was caused by economic, intellectual, and cultural decline after the fall of the Roman Empire.

I never realized it but we may be in our dark age now from the beginning collapse of our Western world.

Yesterday Bret Weinstein, in Tucker Carlson On Twitter - Episode 71 (53 MM), said we are now in a “Cryptic Dark Age” as far as information Is concerned. He cited the medical industry now publishing mainly medical journal lies along with Western governments publishing lies about their workings.

Then Clif High, in one of his podcasts yesterday, said that “You can deny reality all you want but you cannot deny the consequences of Reality ."

Today I realize that both men are right. We are currently in an information dark age. What a hellova way to have to make decisions for your life and for our species based mostly on lies!

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