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Jim’s Daily Rant. Oh Ukraine, Look Beyond The Problem.

I keep going back to the Patch Adams movie in which Patch, in real life, was in a mental hospital and was approached by the genius asking how many fingers he was holding up. He then held up four fingers. When the answer the genius received was “Four” he went angry and out of control.

Patch later asked him what the correct answer was. He was told to always look beyond the problem to see the answer. Otherwise, the problem would scare you into submission to it. When patch looked beyond the four fingers he saw eight, a possible solution.

Let’s look at the Ukraine war of today. But let us begin assuming that Ukraine is the actual homeland of the Kazarian Mafia that controls our world illegally. This is our step one.

Now let’s look at the problem of how do you eliminate a Mafioso that large and powerful, that has eluded being sighted as the hidden world Mafia, and remove it from the face of the earth?

This is Step 2, to define the problem, which we just did.

Now lets look at the four finger problem by looking past the Mafia part and searching for a solution of eradicating them from their stronghold. When looking beyond them, we have to leave the fear and respect of their world power. We can’t be afraid to attack them. We have to commit to achieving our goal of eradication, at all costs.

So lets look at the end of the problem first. The end would be able to look over the Ukrainian landscape and see no evidence of the Mafia ever having been there in the first place, just an ancient memory. We would also expect to see a caretaker of the land to insure the Mafia is eradicated at all times and can never return. So who should be the caretaker?

I would suggest it be a large country nearby with an interest in keeping Ukraine free of takeover again in the future. So to me the obvious answer would be their former partner, Russia. So now we have a viable solution, because Russia is on their border and can come in and destroy the Mafia the easiest in a covert war.

Therefore, I suggest that is what we are seeing. I don’t really know if the Russians are actually fighting the NATO (Americans and British) forces or not. But what I see is Russia has now taken two thirds of Ukraine and will soon take it all. In the process, I believe the Mafia will no longer be alive in Ukraine.

If we are seeing a world wide theater ongoing as the Mafia is being destroyed covertly, wouldn’t their castle be the biggest landmark to deal with, visibility wise? I believe it is. If we kill 90 percent of the vine and leave the root, we have accomplished nothing.

Therefore I believe the war in Ukraine is to abolish the global Mafia headquartered there and return it to Russia for safe keeping, no matter what the costs are. I believe the immediate goal is to shut off electrical power to disrupt the Mafia's command and control of their world connections that are also under attack. I do not fear a nuclear war between the US and Russia over Ukraine. If there is a nuclear exchange both countries would fire nukes at a flag in the middle of Ukraine at the same time.

Your thoughts?

3 Minute Video: How Patch Earned His Name.

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