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Jim’s Daily Rant. Now Is The Best Time If There Ever Will Be A Time.

Let’s face it, taking down a global mafia system is an overwhelming task. One can get killed just considering doing it, even the Military leaders charged with the task of protecting our Constitution. Being that they are the paid last bastion expected to save it, lets look at the problem from their perspective, shall we?

But first a commercial break. Twenty years ago when I felt I was seeing all of this playing out in my dreams, I kept seeing two themes playing out that I refer to as “Snakes and Pottery Barns”. That has always been the crux of the problem at hand.


The above is what I had planned to write when I got up this morning but now I can’t say it any simpler now. It’s still the Snake and the Pottery Barn problem, nothing has changed.

Read it for yourself. I wrote this right on10 years ago.


Folks, The next week or so is the best shot we will ever have for this. The common people can now see it all with their eyes wide open. The Military can take out the Biden Admin, shut down the Mafia, let the blame for the financial collapse rest on Biden in the History Books, be absolved for not having a new Economic System to force on us (it will gave to be locally grown) and go back to gold backed money. There is time to sort out the Swift system vs Quantum Financial system problem. That too can be played out from the grass roots deciding the outcome. Folks, we can still write checks, it all needn't be immediate! To make the world turn in a different direction can never be done instantly and smoothly, otherwise we will be returning into another slavery cage. We the people have to do the deciding, starting at local levels and watch for the best outcomes over time. This is nature’s way.

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