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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. New Year’s Eve Party.

My son is loading up on welding supplies before the banks collapse.

He is loading up before deadly hyperinflation hits and he can’t afford the supplies.

He is trying to have a back-up job ready to go to post collapse.

He got my standard business opinion that you never invest in anything that you cannot get your money back in three years. You should always compute your Rate Of Return on all investments.

Never invest during the wane of the moon, and on and on I went.

He said what he needed was at Tractor supply and they offered him a new credit card he can use with the Annual Rate of 39%. My immediate response was when I was 25 years old the Mafia only charged 25%. Then It hit me and I suggested he buy it all.

To an accountant, a New Years Eve Party is when a company is going insolvent and the owners loot it the night before. The banks are going down and that’s a fact. No one will ever be able to collect on any bank loans.


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