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Jim’s Daily Rant. Naval Relics: The Monitor & Merrimack.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

In 1862 at Hampton Roads, Virginia, the world’s first naval battle between two steel ships occurred. The Confederate Monitor was interrupted while sailing up the river and destroying each wooden warships it passed anchored there. Those ships were defenseless.

Then the Union Merrimack arrived and they dueled and finally quit and headed home. Neither ship could do harm to the other – the battle was a draw.

On that fateful day, every navy in the world was suddenly obsolete.


During WWII, the US Navy judged its might by how many Aircraft Carriers it had.

Early in the war, I believe the score was 7 to 3, with Japan having the seven carriers. For those who have seen the movie Battle of Midway (2019), you will understand the importance of that battle. It evened the score to 3 to 3, putting the U. S. back into even odds at winning the war. It changed everything in the Pacific theater. The carriers were king and ruled. ______________________________________________

This morning I read this article: The Navy: Dead In The Water. It presents the case that the US Navy can no longer rule the world empire. I infer that the technology has changed on fleet ships, scuttling the fleets’ moral.

I read an article a week ago suggesting that we have either 3 or 5 carrier groups in the Mediterranean now for war with Russia. A hint that perhaps one of them had a skeleton crew so it can be allowed to be sunk and force the citizens to support a war with Russia. It was suggested that those carriers are all relics now anyway.

Based on my readings, they are relics because they can not defend themselves from the enemy technology that can take out their electronics blinding them. Nor can they defend themselves from attack by unmanned drones, Hypersonic missiles or unseen DEW weapons. Today they are just large paper tiger targets.

The world was shocked in 1862 and again in 2023 waking up to the fact that their military investments are just useless warfare junk.

A few days ago I read where it was said that in this silent WWIII, the Navy is winning it’s greatest victory. I agree with that assessment. At least, if the Navy is loosing its war fleet, it is ending it with a major world victory, now a pawn exchanged for a kingdom! Viva La Navy!

Such is the wake of destruction of the oncoming waves of technology.

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