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Jim’s Daily Rant. My personal Rate of Inflation For March and April, 2023.

March, 2023 Monthly Rate was 10%. April, 2023 Monthly Rate was 9%.

These rates are the Rate of Increase over the Prior Month; you are seeing a rocket begin to take off, if you will. But the real numbers are being hidden from view. Allow me to use sloppy numbers to demonstrate what is actually happening. reports that the actual Inflation Rate for the year 2022 is actually around 35%

That means that at the in December, 2022, you would have to pay $1,350 for goods that cost $1,000 in December of 2021.

Now if the Monthly Rate Of Inflation stays around 10% per month, In December 2023 you can expect to pay $3,500 for what cost you $1,000 in December 2021.

This will end the 2023 year with 159% Annual Rate of Inflation!

Note 1: The Rate of Inflation will increase when the banks fail and the Dollar fails. So be prepared for the world of Hyperinflation.

Note 2: I repeat the personal warning that when the Moth over month rate is 10%, you had better execute your business Hyperinflation plan. I believe we are a month or two from that time limit.

My Basket of Goods Used Each Month:

Gasoline, Cigarettes,

From local Grocery Store: Dish washing soap, cans of corn, whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, carrots, peaches and a jar of pickles; From Sam’s Wholesale Club: 50 lb bag of rice, 6 lbs of spaghetti noodles, case of C ambles Cream of Mushroom soup.

Left Out: Meat, fresh produce, eggs. I tried to focus on what a long-term Prepper would focus on., the simplest of foods, storeable.

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